3.1.0 – 2022-08-01

  • Added weather-dependent tracking degradation. Devices may act up in poor weather.
  • Implemented ABNORMAL SLOW and SBU STOP error conditions.
  • Simplified V300 templates for performance and manageability.

3.0.2 – 2022-06-28

  • Improved message timing on APIS devices.

3.0.1 – 2022-06-14

  • Added placeholders for ABNORMAL SLOW, GATE BLOCKED and VIEW BLOCKED conditions. These conditions are not yet simulated.

  • Added message timer to ensure that the first part of multi-part message is always show first.

3.0.0 – 2022-06-12

Major performance upgrade. Introduces DockingSystemV300.xml templates.

  • Fixed string parsing bug that caused the module to silently crash.
  • Added selectable features for devices.
  • Added ramp information (RIDS) capability.
  • Added custom logic engine for RLG GIS 206 devices.
  • Added ICAO type groups for vdgs_stop.
  • Improved performance of trigonometric functions.
  • Improved aircraft geometry detection.

Plus many smaller fixes and improvements.

2.1.0 – 2022-02-20

  • Added new templates for major performance improvement. Include DockingSystemV200.xml in your SimObjects to use them.

2.0.1 – 2022-02-08

  • Fixed a SimConnect exception that caused error messages in Honeycomb driver.

2.0.0 – 2022-02-06

  • Added vdgs_system setting and implemented custom logic for FMT APIS devices.

  • Added vdgs_stand setting to define stand name for devices that show it.

  • Added vdgs_version setting to improve backwards compatibility.

  • Improved switching from self-contained modules to standalone module.

1.0.4 – 2022-01-19

  • Added SimObject parameter vdgs_door. Devices with vdgs_door are capable of docking that aligns aircraft door with static jetbridge position.

  • Added noolaero_vdgs_lateral_pos template. It maps visibility of a group of objects to nose offset from nominal centerline.

  • Added the option to embed the module in any MSFS project.

  • Changed vdgs_stops format.

  • Improved aircraft type detection.

1.0.3 – 2022-01-07

Microsoft Defender’s machine learning algorithm misclassified vdgs-util.exe as malware and started automatically deleting it. Microsoft was notified of the false positive and they fixed the mistake.

To restore the mistakenly deleted file:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. Find MSFS Visual Docking Guidance System in the list.
  3. Click Repair.

Alternatively, you may install this update.


  • Added digital signature to vdgs-util.exe to reduce the risk of false positives by malware scanners.

1.0.2 – 2021-12-20

  • Fixed vdgs_stops parameter. Its offsets were interpreted in reverse to documented behaviour.

1.0.1 – 2021-12-18

  • Fixed installer. Previously, it installed the package to C:\ when it failed to auto-detect MSFS Community folder when run silently. Now it fails and displays a message asking to run the full installer, which allows to manually enter the path to MSFS Community folder.

1.0.0 – 2021-12-16

  • First release.