You can integrate VDGS module into your airport in two ways:

  • All-in-one
    Airport package contains VDGS SimObjects, model behaviors and WASM module.

    • Advantages:
      • Works on all platforms.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Requires re-shipping the whole airport package to update the VDGS module.
  • Standalone module
    Your airport package contains only VDGS SimObjects. Standalone VDGS package must be installed separately. It is shared between all airports and only a single copy is required.

    • Advantages:
      • All program logic is abstracted away in a separate package and very little to maintain remains in the airport package.
      • Easy to update the module. Installing new version of VDGS package is enough and it updates all airports at once.
    • Disadvantages:
      • VDGS package must be installed separately. This can be automated by your installer (see Installation).

VDGS modules included in airport packages seamlessly switch to the standalone module, if it is installed. This gives end-users the freedom to access latest updates even when they have an outdated airport.

Standalone module is recommended, unless you need to include everything in a single package for a MSFS Marketplace release.