Customer features

  • Unmatched realism – in look, feel and functionality
    Modern VDGS is much more than a numeric countdown to stop point. Our VDGS module accurately simulates all docking stages and key functions, including failures that are relevant to flight simulation.

  • Virtual gate agent – suitable for VATSIM
    We have added a virtual gate agent to take care of ground crew duties. Docking devices are waiting for your airplane as you taxi in after landing. Dealing with the in-game ATC or clicking through set-up menus is not needed. You are the pilot, your job is to fly the plane.

  • Every docking device is different
    We have gone above and beyond to accurately represent the full range of Safedock and FMT APIS devices in all their options, plus a number of rarer devices used mainly in Asia.

    To give you a taste:

    • FMT APIS devices come in two options: older electromechanical flip-dot displays are lit by fluorescent tubes that glow at night and are limited by features, newer models have modern multi-color LED displays with more complex behavior.

    • Safedock displays come in different layouts depending whether they are metric or in feet.

    Plus every airport designer can customise devices further to fit their particular airport and parking stand layout.

  • Excellent performance
    Even at largest airports with hundreds of docking devices, our VDGS module causes no perceptible frame loss, because excellent performance has been a key goal from day one and everything has been designed around giving you the best possible experience.

Developer features

  • Configurability
    VDGS devices are highly configurable and offer the same settings as their real-life counterparts:

    • Docking stages and their limits, speed restrictions, and docking assessment distances are all customisable.

    • Different types of airplanes can have custom stop positions, defined through individual ICAO type designators or by larger groups (eg Airbus A320 family).

    • Two docking options are available: standard nose alignment to a stop bar, and door alignment to precisely dock with a non-movable T-jetbridge.

    • Depending on device, ramp information (RIDS) features are selectable for each device, including chocks status and block times.

  • Custom models
    Instead of providing a pre-built set of docking devices, we turn your custom 3D models into working units, using model merging and behaviors introduced in MSFS, which retain your ability to edit models and tweak their graphics even after rigging.

  • Simple integration
    VDGS devices are delivered to you as MSFS project components, directly pluggable into your airport project.

  • All channels supported
    MSFS Visual Docking Guidance System can be included both in independent releases and in Marketplace releases.


  • MSFS Visual Docking Guidance System is available on PC only. It is also capable of running on Xbox, but Asobo has currently disabled custom modules on Xbox. Custom modules are expected to return to Xbox with Sim Update 10 in August 2022.